CSKA Sofia Vs Cherno More Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

CSKA Sofia Vs Cherno More

Performance “Bulgarian League”

Life is a stage and we are all actors on it.

This sentence is, of course, fully valid for the Bulgarian football championship.

In which the artists are down on the field. And the directors of the show are upstairs in the offices and offices.

I had the initial idea to first introduce you to the roles of the actors who will meet in this meeting.

But the official program for the show are generally available.

As ranking statistics , points, goal difference and a bunch of similar details that have no meaning for our football.

Which you can find after the end of this analysis.

So I decided to go straight to the essential part of this match.

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What is the Black Sea playing for?

May I remind you that it was not long ago when Ilian Iliev officially stated that it was better not to have football in Bulgaria?

He then said this affected by questionable refereeing verdicts against his team.

Now, however, I find another meaning in his words.

Can anyone tell me what the Black Sea team is actually playing for?

Is it for the Cup of Bulgaria, for which they do not show special ambitions?

Or for euro tournaments, for which they no longer have much chance? And it seems that the owners of the club have no claims.

Or are they afraid of the non-existent danger of falling?

Anyone who has watched how their last match with Lokomotiv Plovdiv went will understand what it is about.

Just what a pointless kicking of the ball on the snowy ground there was.

And without a single accurate shot on the opponent’s goal. And three centerings from the flanks, which count as goal positions.

During the winter transfer window, the Black Sea hurried to make some money.

By parting with the top league scorer – Courier.

What now? Goals from where?

Now where to CSKA-Sofia?

Let’s see the other artists now. Here we are right in the Horror movie genre.

The main director Grisha Ganchev left them.

I will miss the pre-match press conference at which Bruno Akrapovich is trying to show iron nerves.

Saying that he would overcome the situation because he saw it more difficult in his life.

But the footballers had to be helped now and they had to calm down.

However, I have only one question.

In the German media, for example, the professionalism of Borussia M’Gladbach players is questioned.

The reason for this is that in the summer their coach goes to Dortmund.

In that case, are those of CSKA-Sofia bigger professionals than them, so that they can think about football now?

Provided that not the coach but the owner loses.

Otherwise, I would quote the coach of Levski for the famous Bulgarian professionalism.

He recently said that if his players did not hold mobile phones, their hands would tremble.

CSKA’s goal scorer – Ali Sow, was sent on loan to Rostov.

And they will be without their reserve striker Ahmedov. And he pushed a mercenary to fill the suddenly depleted budget.

Forecast for CSKA – Black Sea

Everything with the scenarios for these two teams went wrong in a very short time.

And if anyone is thinking of analyzing their matches from now on, I recommend looking for the best odds in their matches.

As with a small amount to necessarily pursue the most unexpected.

I bet against the Headless Horseman.

Mathematical forecast:

  • victory for CSKA
  • security: 9/10
  • exact result: 2-0

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • CSKA has not lost in its last 12 games, winning 9.
  • CSKA is in a series of 7 victories in the First League, winning the last 6 in the First / Final .
  • CSKA as host in the First League this season: 6-2-0.
  • Black Sea is unbeaten in 7 games, winning 6

Match Info: CSKA Sofia Vs Cherno More Prediction

Start date: 20 Feb 2021 15:30
Location: Sofia Venue: Balgarska Armiya Stadium
Referee: Radoslav Gidzhenov, Bulgaria


CSKA Sofia Vs Cherno More
Premier League. Wed, 22:15
Forecast: Option 1: CSKA Sofia win
Option 2: OV1.5
Confidence: 7/10

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