Leeds Vs Southampton

Leeds Vs Southampton Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Leeds is playing risky! The Leeds showmen have collected 3 losses from their last 4 games. You should have noticed already, and that they are the team with the fewest…

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Brighton Vs Crystal Palace

Brighton Vs Crystal Palace Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Brighton misses many chances! Brighton are in 16th place in the Premier League table, with 4 points more and a game less at the moment than the relegation group. Interestingly,…

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CSKA Sofia Vs Cherno More

CSKA Sofia Vs Cherno More Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Performance “Bulgarian League” Life is a stage and we are all actors on it. This sentence is, of course, fully valid for the Bulgarian football championship. In which the artists…

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Wolverhampton Vs Leeds

Wolverhampton Vs Leeds Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Wolverhampton is gaining momentum! The Wolves are currently on an uptrend with 7 points from their last 3 Premier League games. Arsenal and Southampton were defeated. And the tie was with…

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Granada Vs Napoli

Granada Vs Napoli Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Napoli has problems attacking! Napoli had 4 campaigns in the Champions League tournament. And now they are in the lower European football level – the Europa League. And thanks to the…

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Everton Vs Manchester City

Everton Vs Manchester City Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

The vectors of these two teams were directed in opposite directions at the start of the season in the Premier League. Then they abruptly changed trajectory to intersect at one…

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West Ham Vs Sheffield United

West Ham Vs Sheffield United Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

West Ham is in the Top 6 of the Premier League! West Ham are 6th in the Premier League and have a strong season. Having already recorded 11 victories. They have…

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Arsenal Vs Leeds

Arsenal Vs Leeds Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Top odds for few goals! Let me tell you, I can’t be happy with the odds for under 3 goals in this match. And I’m in a hurry to take…

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Celta Vigo Vs Elche

Celta Vigo Vs Elche Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Celta Vigo is out of shape! The Celts are in a series of 3 consecutive draws. But it would be a pity if, after the last one with Atletico Madrid,…

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Athletic Bilbao Vs Levante

Athletic Bilbao Vs Levante Prediction, Tip & Match Preview

Athletic Bilbao is a cup specialist! Athletic Bilbao are in a very curious tournament situation. On the one hand, they already won the Spanish Super Cup last month. On the…

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